About A Dark Corner, e book and blog

For writers: you will find helpful tips about writing  and getting published – especially an e book. My emphasis will primarily be on paranormal fiction, but will mention other speculative pieces. You’ll also learn how to format your e book before you post it to Amazon.

For readers: I will post reviews (for other e books as well as my own), offer recommendations for what to read next and hopefully get you to at least take a look at a sample chapter of A Dark Corner! =^. .^= OXOX

My Kindle  e book, “A Dark Corner,” (click HERE for sample chapters or subscribe to your right for downloadable sample)  is available at Amazon.com. It’s an urban fantasy full of unique, colorful characters. It’s action-packed, edgy, a touch of horror/romance and infused with rock n’ roll. Other info about my book can be found on the Facebook Fan page. Click here for a recent book review.

I’m currently working on part two, “A Dark Revelation.”

Thanks for visiting my blog! And readers, well, thanks for reading! I welcome comments and questions about e books, publishing, writing, formatting, etc.  Check out my blog posts for helpful tips on everything from uploading to Amazon to  e book covers.

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